Custom Itinerary Services

Why Have Vino Venue Build Your Domestic Itinerary?

Direct Access to a Wine Country Travel Experts: Vino Venue Travel Consultants have made many
wine-centric trips to destinations around the globe!  When it comes to visiting wineries, knowing restaurants, hotels, spas, local sites and attractions, you will NOT find anyone more qualified to plan your week.

Vino Venue is a Global Winery Customer: You may buy a lot of wine annually, but probably not at the level we do (> $400k).  When you book your itinerary through us, you become an extension of our relationship
with the winery.

VIP Treatment is the Norm: Vino Venue has been providing this itinerary service since 2006, and wineries, restaurants, and hotels have come to know our reputation for sending them great guests who love wine.
As a result, they roll out the ‘red carpet’ for our guests, and often provide industry discounts for wine purchases to our clients..

The Winery Trusts Us to Vet Their Guests: Our customers are provided special treatment in wine country because the winery knows we’re sending them guests who will appreciate the experience. For example, we won’t send
someone who seeks wine at a budget of $25/bottle into a winery that only sells $150 bottles.

Mapping & Time Commitments: Do you know how long it will take you to get from Winery A to Winery B?  How long should you allot for your appointment at each, and where is a great place to stop for lunch?
We have the answers.

Your charge for domestic trip planning PER DAY for a group up to six (6) persons is only $150.  Please give us at least six weeks of planning time.

It all starts with this contact form:

We will be asking you these same questions, so your ability to provide the answers via this convenient form will save
everyone time and allow us to begin working on a custom itinerary for you immediately.

    First Name:*

    Last Name:*


    Confirm Email:*


    What are the dates of your travel and which days to you want us to plan?

    If you are celebrating a special event please tell us what the occasion you are celebrating.

    Which wine country will you be visiting? (Select multiple regions with CTR key)

    Number of days to be planned?.

    How many are in your group? Note our itinerary services are priced for groups of 6 or less. Please contact our office if your group is larger than 6.

    Would you like assistance/suggestions with your lodging arrangements?

    Would you like to employ a driver or transportation service?

    Will you have a GPS with you?

    Have you been to wine county before?

    Any wineries you feel strongly about seeing (or NOT seeing) on this trip? Please make clear which are interests and which are to be avoided.

    Do you have a preference for certain wine styles?

    While guest tasting fees are waived sometimes, they are mandatory in certain wine regions (ex. Napa). If fees are to be levied at a certain winery, do you have a limit? (Per Person)

    What do you like to do for lunch? Select all that apply with CTR key.

    Do you want any free time built into the itinerary?

    Do you want us to advise or make lunch and dinner reservations?

    If you have any food allergies please list them here.

    Is there anything else you can think of which will help us with planning the trip?


    What to Expect

    Kathy will send you a packet prior to your trip which will include a detailed itinerary complete with addresses, phone numbers, websites, any emailed appointment
    confirmations, and if you are driving, a link to a map for directions to every appointment and reservation. Please provide the mobile number at which you can be reached throughout your trip.  Most appointments and reservations
    require this information. In addition, some require credit card information to secure the reservation. Vino Venue Travel Consultants will wait until this is a necessity, and at that time, you can either give it to them, or they will
    give you the phone number and contact, and you can call it in. It’s up to you.

    Once you have submitted this form and paid for the number of days you wish to have planned, we’ll begin working on your trip immediately.

    We can offer international travel planning to certain regions.  Our rate is $175 per day.  We require a minimum of 12 weeks for this service.  Please contact us for more details.